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We are living in a world where change is the only constant. The digitization of workflow and the advent of artificial intelligence and big data had literally transformed the Business world. The human resource needs of business accordingly witnessed a radical change. The School of Business Administration at EDU is cognizant of these changes and its dynamic curriculum reflects that. Our graduates are beneficiaries of this curriculum where our focus is to achieve the right balance between intellectual curiosity and practical considerations.

Our MBA and BBA degrees follow the North American business school tradition of imparting both the sophisticated tools of business analytics and the human dimensions of business decision making embodied in liberal art thinking. School of Business Administration of East Delta University is proud to announce a unique post-graduate program- ‘Master of Public Policy and Leadership’ in three different modes (taught mode, research track, and mixed-mode) under the Department of Public Leadership, Management and Governance commenced in Summer 2019. This is a first-of-its-kind initiative designed with a vision to fulfil the gap in the areas of leadership, public policy, and general administration for the aspirant leaders across different industries of the society.

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Department of Public Leadership, Management and Governance

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